SINCE 1896


Francisco Carrasco Nuevo takes his first steps in the exciting world of the Iberian pig industry in 1896.
In his early days his work consisted of slaughtering pigs and selling the fresh products obtained from them. His son, Ignacio Carrasco Rodríguez, with his brothers, took his father's place and began to work in the salting and curation of ham and ham shoulders, as well as the homemade elaboration of cold meat. In 1947, under the guidance of María Castro García, the company takes a new direction and the new generation of Ignacio Carrasco Castro and his sisters follow the original impulse of their father. Nowadays the fourth generation has taken over with Joaquín and Francisco Carrasco Hernández leading the company. La Hoja del Carrasco is the brand name of our products, the result of an evolution from the last century when selling pigs was associated with the slogan, 'Ignacio Carrasco Ham. Unrivalled.' Since then, in Ignacio Carrasco SA we have always been committed to obtain the taste and smell which are the direct and genuine expression of all the experience gained along all these years. All this makes it possible for our master pig-meat artisans to perform this particular miracle year after year: inimitable scent and taste. The taste of tradition, a motto and also a reality required in the daily work and obtained through natural curation and a home-made process. IGNACIO CARRASCO IS FOUNDING MEMBER OF D.O. GUIJUELO SINCE 1986.
Ignacio Carrasco
with Joaquín,
one of his children.
Our logo has evolved in this way throughout our history